Christopher Bradley-Hole returns to Chelsea

The Daily Telegraph have asked Christopher Bradley-Hole to design their garden for next year’s Chelsea Flower Show. ¬†Christopher and I last worked at Chelsea together in 1997 when he created the ¬†Latin Garden, again for the Telegraph, which won Best in Show. Many viewed that garden as a ‘game changer’ in the way that Chelsea gardens were designed. Since then Christopher has exhibited at Chelsea several times, winning four Gold Medals. His last garden was in 2005 so we are really lucky to have him back at the Show, especially in such an important year as the Centenary. Christopher and Peter Clay have been going round Europe tagging trees and shrubs for the garden. It may seem a long way off until May next year, but the months tick by quite quickly so it’s important to get the main structural plants organised now. Also, it’s better to see the plants now whilst they still have their leaves on rather than in the depths of winter.


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