It’s getting beyond a joke

I jumped out of bed this morning and did what I have done every day for the last four weeks – go on the BBC website and check the weather forecast. You can imagine my joy when I saw that NO rain was forecast for Central London all day. There is a massive high pressure area sitting over the Atlantic and it is edging towards us. I virtually got the T shirt and shorts out. The factor 30 suncream looked eager. We were finally going to see that rare and elusive thing – the Sun. But as the day moved on, the skies grew darker and Nature, with that warped sense of humour that she can sometimes have, decided that we all needed a bit more water. But not content to give us a light dusting she decided on a full blown tropical storm. Off with the shorts and on with the waterproofs. I don’t think my boots can take much more. My head certainly can’t.


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