The Jubilee Team Sheet

We have had some many calls asking about who was involved in the Royal Barge. We have also heard lots of rumours about people claiming to be involved! So we thought that we would list out the people who really did the work!

The Top Brass!

Rachel de Thame, Kitty Arden ( and Mark Fane


The Team, shown by the number of days they were on the barge

7 Days on site:  Sarah Champier, Saskia Marjoram, Kurt Cyriel Beirens, Alice Fane and Anthony Johnson

6 Days on site: Sallie Campbell, Brenda Crump, Pamela Holder, Kerry Power, Virginia Davis, Lucy Felmingham, Lisa Tomkins, Deborah Anscombe, Linda Freely, Amy Lyons, Sinead Oyando, Abigail Pennington, Amber Winship, Michelle Thornley, Jane Edmonds, Davina Hill and Penelope Nunn, Stephen Wooster (Photographer), Charlotte Deacon (Catering), Harriet Combes (Catering) and Wieslaw Ziecina (Driver).

5 Days on site: Gillian Ross and Jane Edmonds

4 Days on site: Olivia Stirling, Lauren Colover and Louise Hampden

3 Days on site: Joanne Knight, Alison Greaves, Ian Pierce, Henrietta Dickinson, Peter Clay and Helen Derrin

2 Days on site: Graham Hoyle, Mark Osborne and Tony Collinson

1 Day on site: Rose Hamson and Andy Hill


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  1. Ben Lannoy says:

    Well done to all those involved. A terrific show and we were there to see the barge come through.

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