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Diamond Jubilee Pageant Tuesday 29th May

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012No Comments

Whilst the floristry team carry on preparing all the greenery for the 70 garlands, we take delivery of the first wave of plants for the deck. There are five main sections on the deck and we have to plant all of them. I’m reluctant to start straight away because its windy and hot and I don’t want to expose the plants too early. We have to be careful, about watering on deck because all the planting beds, or lanterns as they are called, are covered in velvet and it musn’t get wet.


Diamond Jubilee Pageant Monday 28th May

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012No Comments

The serious works starts today. I don’t need the alarm to wake me up, even though it’s 5.00am. I was keen to make sure that everything goes smoothly at Covent Garden Market so on my way to the Docks I go by Covent Garden to ensure that our pick-up of all the greenery for the garlands is going smoothly. I arrive to find the very reliable Nick, one of our drivers, busy loading up with rhododendron, lavender, hebe etc.

I arrive at the Docks to gulp down a cup of tea before the florists turn up. I have asked Kitty Arden to help me on the project so she has organised the floristry team. In addition to her own florists, she has organised lots of floristry students and their tutors from Pershore College to help.

When they arrive, Kitty and I give them a brief introduction. We have to get quite serious about not allowing them to take any photographs of the Barge. I really don’t want any photographs appearing on Facebook. That would be really embarrassing.

The team, all decked out in their special Crocus/Jubilee polo shirts, get stuck in to preparing greenery.







Diamond Jubilee Pageant Friday 25th May

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012No Comments

We arrive in Docklands where the barge has been moved for the fit-out. The Pageant team have chosen a derelict warehouse on the docks which is quiet and secluded. It’s so quiet and secluded that we get lost but finally find it hidden behind an enormous evacuated mill, called Millennium Mills. There is something surreal about working on the Queen’s barge surrounded by all this Victorian decay but the location is ideal. We have lots of space and it’s quite cold inside so they flowers will love it. Our objective is to get all the tables set up for the arrival of everyone on Monday. Quite quickly we have the kettle on and we get to work.


Looking ship shape: Queen’s barge decked out in flowers as final preparations are made for Sunday’s Jubilee River Pageant

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012No Comments

This article appeared in the Daily Mail online today.

A pair of red-velvet thrones – poorly concealed beneath transparent plastic sheeting – are the giveaway to this magnificent floating palace.

It will carry the Queen along the length of the river Thames ahead of 1,000-strong flotilla of especially selected ships and boats to celebrate Diamond Jubilee.

She will be joined on the gilt-edged perches by The Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family in an event that will draw millions of people to London’s river bank on Sunday.

And today hundreds of flowers from the Queen’s gardens were painstakingly laid as the finishing touches to the waterborne extravaganza were being laid.

Finishing touches: A pair of red-velvet thrones - poorly concealed beneath transparent plastic sheeting - are the giveaway to this magnificent floating palace

Decked with flowers from the Queen’s gardens, the Spirit of Chartwell will echo the richly-decorated royal barges of the 17th and 18th centuries and will be the centrepiece of the water-borne extravaganza which celebrates her 60-year reign and the nation’s maritime heritage.

Colourful: Traditional English Roses and Lavender on board the Royal Barge before Sunday's waterborne extravaganza
The stem of beauty: Chief flower arrangers Rachel de Thame and Mark Fane arrange Roses on board the Royal Barge
Important: Chief flower arranger Kitty Arden (in white) at work on the floral decorations for the event in a nearby warehouse

Off to decorate a barge….

Thursday, May 24th, 2012No Comments

Chelsea is over for another year and by this time next week both gardens will have been taken down and brought back to the Crocus nursery. Please come and visit us on 9th June when we have our next Open Day where we sell off all the plants in the Chelsea gardens.

In the meantime, our next challenge is a very special one. We have the task of decorating the Queen’s barge which will be sailing down the Thames on 3rd June. It’s going to be a fantastic project and one that we are very proud to be involved with.

Some plants that Arne has used in his garden

Tuesday, May 22nd, 20121 Comment

For a full list of plants used in the Daily Telegraph garden please click here


Here are some pics of our 2 Gold medal winning gardens

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012No Comments

The Daily Telegraph garden by Sarah Price

The Laurent-Perrier garden by Arne Maynard

Below images are from the RHS website

Arne’s garden for Laurent-Perrier


Sarah’s garden for Daily Telegraph


2 Golds!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 20123 Comments

There were lots of celebration around both gardens this morning as we heard that we won Gold for both the Laurent-Perrier garden and the Telegraph garden. They both richly deserved their medals and it was great to see big smiles on the faces of Arne Maynard and Sarah Price. The Best in Show award went to Cleve West.

The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden: The Build

Monday, May 21st, 20121 Comment

The finishing touches on the Laurent-Perrier garden

Sunday, May 20th, 2012No Comments

I’m sure you don’t find any reference to it in any of the horticultural books but occassionally we end up having to saw some of the plants! In this case we were adjusting the camomile lawn that is going around the base of the Alison Crowther oak bench. The garden is looking spectacular even though some of the copper beech trees are still fighting to come into leaf.

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