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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Rogues' gallery: Couch grass

Couch grass is right up there in the top 5 most hated weeds in the country. People have driven themselves crazy trying to get rid of it. It has the tenacity of Dale Winton on the tail of a daytime quiz show and is about as entertaining if you find it in your garden. But actually, I don’t [...]

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Doing the tomato tango

My tomatoes are shaping up nicely – the ones in the picture are ‘Elegance’, which is a variety I discovered last year. It’s a medium-sized tomato so it’s a good all-rounder with a great flavour. I’ve also got cherry toms (‘Gardeners’ Delight – is there anyone who doesn’t grow this variety?) some plums (‘Roma’) and [...]

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Oh sow simple

These little lumps of cork might look a bit unpromising, but come October they’ll be big, beefy leafy plants which I hope will keep me in greens for most of the winter. I’m sowing a white-stemmed Swiss chard (sturdy-growing and with a good spinachey flavour) and a ruby chard, which has gorgeous stems the colour [...]

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Pick of the month: July

Pea ‘Purple Podded’ I don’t usually go for fancy cultivars but my curiosity was piqued when I saw the deep velvety-purple pods of these peas growing in someone’s garden a while back. Then I found out they were a heritage variety – they’ve been growing purple-podded peas for over 100 years – so my prejudices [...]

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Salad days

Today found me reaching for the seed packets again. I tend to spend May and June ever-so-slightly panicking about how I’m going to get everything I sowed earlier in the year out and in the ground - but by July I’m done and raring to go with some new sowing for late-season crops. Salad leaves are [...]

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