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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

New arrival from down under

I’m so excited. Meet Jenny – she arrived in the post this morning, and she’s my very first kiwi fruit vine. I’ve wanted to grow kiwis ever since I saw a mature plant while visiting a garden on the Isle of Wight, tumbling over some espaliered apple trees and just loaded with fat, furry fruits. They used to be [...]

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A time of plenty

I’m drowning in cucumbers. To say nothing of courgettes, and beans….. oh, the beans…. Yes, it’s glut time again. This was the haul this morning after just 20 minutes or so of picking – and I’ll be able to pick the same again tomorrow, no doubt. This is wonderful – after all, it’s what I’ve [...]

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Rogues' Gallery: Caterpillars

Look what I found on my calabrese plants. Actually, I should say my ex-calabrese plants. These are going down on the list of abject failures for this year; their leaves are reduced to lacy doilies and several have succumbed altogether. It’s been a good year for butterflies. Now normally this would fill my soul with [...]

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Goosie goosie gander

I adore gooseberries. They’re such a very British berry. I’ve never found them in any other country, yet there’s nothing that quite compares with that mouthwateringly tangy burst of flavour in early summer, so welcome weeks before any other fruit is around. So this spring I indulged myself to the max and bought four different varieties [...]

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Pick of the month: August

Onion ‘Sturon’ It’s August – so it has to be onions. It’s all I’m thinking about at the moment, as this is the big onion harvest: row after row of golden-skinned bulbs to dig up and dry, hopefully outside in the sunshine but (as you’ll know from my previous postings) usually in the greenhouse. ‘Sturon’ [...]

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