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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en!

It’s just before the witching hour so I thought you might like to see what became of those pumpkins I was so proud of…. This is the biggest one – face drawn by the kids and cut out by me. I think he looks quite cheerful in a vampirish sort of way. Was there ever [...]

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Rogues' gallery: Slugs

I was rootling about in the garden the other day and turned over a plank of wood – and look what I found. Sorry if you’re eating while reading this: but you knew it wasn’t going to be long before the slimy things turned up. This has to be the most hated creature in the [...]

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Winter must be on the way. Last week saw me running around frantically with armfuls of bubble wrap. This is an annual ritual which occurs only on the first day the words “frost” and “south of England” are mentioned in the same sentence on the BBC’s redoubtable and occasionally reliable weather forecast. The timing is [...]

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The new season starts here

I’ve barely got the remains of this year’s spent crops cleared off the veg beds and I’m up and off again. October feels like the sort of month you should be packing up the tools, propping the wheelbarrow against the fence for the last time, locking the shed and waving a nostalgic goodbye before going home and curling up on the [...]

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Pick of the month: October

Pumpkin ‘Jack o’ Lantern’ I do wish I could bring you a picture of a nice big bright orange pumpkin, but you’ll have to use your imagination. I planted these a bit late, and the first orange tinge is only just showing through the sultry dark green. In fact Hallowe’en is looking decidedly dicey: I wonder if the girls [...]

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