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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

How not to do it…

1. Wait until it snows. A lot. 2. Then wait a bit longer, until a good smattering of sleet and near-Arctic night-time temperatures have frozen any would-be slush entirely solid. 3. Set off to collect your Christmas dinner veg in a large and unwieldy Mercedes estate car with less-than-ideal traction in icy conditions. 4. Abandon said estate [...]

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Pickled beetroot Beetroot is so obliging. I have a row growing somewhere most of the time, and just leave it in the ground till I need it. Unfortunately, in my family, I’m the only one who likes it unpickled. So, with regret, I gave up trying to persuade husband/small people to enjoy roast beetroot: instead I came up with [...]

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So that’s it then. The allotment site is a ghost ship of silvered leeks and abandoned cabbages. Not a soul is here: frost rimes every surface and crunches underfoot, and the ruts which were swimming with liquid mud last week are now doing sterling service as ice-rinks for the birds. Not even I can get onto [...]

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Seeing the trees for the wood

Oh dear. This is a bit of my garden not many people get to see. Well, nobody, actually, if I can help it. It’s my group – orchard is perhaps too optimistic a word – of four apple trees, two Cox’s Orange Pippins and two Bramley’s Seedlings in the chicken run at the bottom, and [...]

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The cutting edge

While I was pruning my blackcurrants the other week I spotted some handsome-looking young side branches. As so often happens at this time of year when I’m just itching to get growing something, they’ve made me come over all propagational. Any time from autumn to spring is good for hardwood cuttings, and it’s dead easy. I find [...]

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