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Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Blackberry Way

A lovely big package arrived on my doorstep the other day, with those magical words “Live Plants” on the side. This never fails to make me go all quivery with anticipation. Inside was a twig, with some roots on the bottom. Not something to get many people excited, unless they’re fanatical kitchen gardeners and they [...]

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Still confined to the greenhouse but too soon to sow seeds – what’s a girl to do? I need something to keep me going through the gardening doldrums, so I’ve decided to use a little force. By which I mean using the relative warmth of the greenhouse to persuade things to get going a bit [...]

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Introducing some variety

Gardeners are incurable optimists. We’ve been through the worst winter in 30 years, the snow has only just departed, and all it’s taken is one little glimpse of sunshine and a degree or two rise in temperature to make me come over all anticipatory about seeds. I won’t be sowing my first until a week or two’s [...]

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A (very) little salad

It’s not very impressive, is it? I usually do a bit better with my winter salads than this sorry lot. I’m a keen greenhouse gardener in winter: there’s nothing quite like sitting in a cosy frost-free greenhouse listening to the icy rain pattering on the roof. I particularly hate to see the greenhouse borders sitting empty [...]

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Bird feed

Poor old Blossom. She does hate the snow. All her favourite scratching spots have disappeared, and dust baths are out of the question. Little wriggly insects are tucked away out of reach and she can’t even peck at the grass as we haven’t seen that since before Christmas. Blossom is the last of a long [...]

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