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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Honeyed words

I do like it when you get home from picking up the kids, or a frantic potato-planting session on the allotment, or racing around trying to fit in work, the shopping, picking up the cold frame lights you’ve just had glazed and remembering to phone someone’s mum about that sleepover all in the space of [...]

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Strawberries on the way

Great excitement in greenhouse this week: the first strawberry flowers have opened on the ‘Cambridge Favourite’ plants I dug up to force back in February. Strawberry flowers are so pretty: simple, pure and artless, just as a flower should be. You can also really appreciate them up on a shelf in the greenhouse, where their [...]

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Recipe of the month: April

PSB Pasta Quite a simple recipe, this one, but a favourite when we haven’t had time to do the shopping and have to fall back on whatever’s in the veg garden plus what we can find in the store cupboard. The purple sprouting broccoli makes a nice crunch contrast with the pasta, and it’s all on the plate within half [...]

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Peas please!

I’m late! Again. Every year at about this time the sheer number of tasks that need to be done gradually, relentlessly, overtake the amount of time available in which to do them. So I get a bit behind… and then a bit more behind… until eventually I am, undeniably, late. So it has been with [...]

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Now here’s a handsome chap, don’t you think? All too often when you’re growing fruit and veg you can get a bit hung up on all the things which are trying to stop you. By which I mean the creepy-crawlies munching your leaves, slurping your sap, sliming your soil and chewing your roots. To say nothing [...]

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