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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Chelsea 2010: Veg on the catwalk

Phew! Well that was a busy week. I’ve just spent four days up at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show generally glamming it up and having a good time. Well, OK, I was working, on paper at least – it certainly didn’t feel like it. There’s nothing quite like doing your job amid beautiful flowers, gorgeous [...]

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Friends' Gallery: Toads

Awwww… isn’t he cute? Oh, all right, I realise I’m going to have to do a bit of a sales job here. Toads, after all, are not cute (well, not if you’re not a gardener, anyway): they’re warty, they crawl in a slightly creepy way and if you’re unwise enough to try to pick them up [...]

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A frosty reception

Summer may be beckoning seductively from just around the corner: we may even be daring to think that the worst is over. But up on the allotment, the damage is done. This year has seen one of the chilliest springs I can remember (I’m sure the Met Office will be coming out with some eyewatering statistics before too [...]

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Another lovely parcel in the post this week! I do like buying myself presents. This one was long and thin: just the right shape for ten straggly sweet potato slips. As you can see from the picture, they were none too happy when they arrived: that’s what spending a couple of days in a cardboard [...]

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Herbal remedies

Before I leave Malvern behind for this year, I’ll just pass on a few useful little secrets I learned while I was there. I don’t usually find time to go in to listen to the talks and demonstrations at shows, though I must admit to the occasional twinge of envy at all those people sitting [...]

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