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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Playing gooseberry

Now normally by this time of year I’m enjoying the first fresh fruit of the season (if you don’t count rhubarb, which is technically a vegetable, and forced strawberries, which are cheating). But this year my gooseberries, growing along a fence by the path that leads down the garden, have been puzzlingly conspicuous by their [...]

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Hard graft

There are some things where you think, ‘Life’s just too short’. Stuffing mushrooms, for instance. Tidying up your second daughter’s bedroom. Growing celery (has anyone, ever, done this successfully at home?). And grafting vegetables. Grafting is actually a really old idea: people have been doing it for at least 2000 years. You take the roots [...]

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Open season

Yesterday was a real red-letter day in my allotmenting year: the annual Open Day, when our site opens to the public and we get to show off what we do. That also, of course, means there’s no excuse for my allotment to look anything but sparkly gorgeous: a bit of a steep hill to climb [...]

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Recipe of the month: June

Rhubarb fool When you have a five-foot wide rhubarb clump throwing out big thick stems every day with leaves you could lose your kids under, you start to get a bit obsessive about rhubarb recipes. I have recipes for rhubarb cake, rhubarb chutney, rhubarb crumble biscuits (and muffins) and even fig and rhubarb marmalade, a [...]

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Bolts from the blue

Bother. Every year it happens: you get one little spell of hot dry weather, which of course always coincides with a busy work spell so you can’t get to the watering can as often as you’d like, and everything bolts for the horizon. So it has been this year: three days over 25 degrees was [...]

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