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Monthly Archive for August, 2010

All is not well in the greenhouse. It’s been a long, dry summer, and though I water every day it’s been a struggle to get enough into the plants. Plus the lack of rain has meant humidity has been really low: even watering on the hot greenhouse path, so it evaporates into the air, gives [...]

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Seeing the trees for the wood #2

I’ve spent much of this week up a ladder. Or scrambling precariously around among branches: there’s a certain way of wedging yourself in the fork of a tree that’s actually quite stable, if a little painful. I’m sure climbing trees was a lot less nerve-wracking when I was a kid, but then I was a [...]

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Going to seed

I suppose it had to happen one day. My prize crop for the year – the first sowing of ‘Ambassador’ peas – has stuttered, faltered and finally come to an end. The second sowing is… well… there, but late sowings of peas I always find a bit trickier and they never seem to harvest quite [...]

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Getting a buzz

Ever since I saw a swarm of bees hanging off a tree like a ball of moving liquid treacle (while visiting the Twickenham and Thames Valley Beekeeping Association on quite another matter), I’ve been fascinated by beekeeping. And also more than a little scared. You see the trouble is, I may be into self-sufficiency, keeping [...]

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Happy National Allotments Week!

This week has been one of my favourite weeks of the year: the week when keen veg-growers all over the country stand up and bang the drum, sing the praises and generally go on about the delights of allotment growing. National Allotments Week, in the second week of every August, is a great chance to get out [...]

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