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Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Salad ‘Winter Mix’ I kind of made up that title. That’s mainly because I made up the mix: this isn’t a veg variety that’s set in stone. Winter salad mixes are as personal as perfume, and the balance that is right for you almost certainly will be too spicy, too bland or the wrong colour [...]

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Raising your game

The new veg garden grows on apace: from an empty field (well, long thin strip of grass and weeds) to a neatly-rabbit-fenced rectangle some 80ft long that is now starting to bear a passing resemblance to a garden. So now that the rabbit fencing is finished (for this year, anyway: I need to move a [...]

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List of lists

I am a terrible daydreamer. Give me half a chance and I’m off: drifting away from whatever conversation happens to be going on at the time and wandering around my garden in my head, planting this here or wondering if that would look right there. I’m getting worse than ever at the moment as it’s planning [...]

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Meet the crew

Meet my garden helpers. Great for weeding (as long as you don’t mind the scorched-earth approach); fantastic for pest control (slugs and eggs, caterpillars, aphids and mice – don’t ask – all ruthlessly despatched); and a perfect source of nitrogen-rich fertiliser for the compost heap. Plus of course the added bonus of eggs: more eggs [...]

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Grow your own garden sundries

This year’s crop of beanpoles and twiggy peasticks is about ready to harvest: I’ve got secateurs and loppers at the ready, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in as this isn’t an annual event but (at the moment) a triennial one – which is to say, I can only do it every three [...]

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