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Monthly Archive for February, 2011

Pear palavers

You’ve got about one week left - so get those secateurs and pruning saws out. The last week in February is last chance saloon for pruning apple and pear trees: leave it much into March and the buds start swelling, blossoms start forming and it’s no time to start laying about them with pruning tools. I’ve done [...]

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Let the 2011 spud fight commence

My search for the perfect potato continues: it’s Potato Day season and I spent a happy Sunday morning at my local, the 6th Annual Somerset Potato Day in Shepton Mallet. Regular readers may remember that last year I went to the Whitchurch Potato Day in Hampshire and got totally carried away. I came away with eight different kinds of potato, from dark [...]

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Stockpiling seeds

Many of my day-to-day troubles can be put down to one simple fact: I do not know how to say ‘no’. Take last Sunday, for example. I already have a wonderful selection of seeds to sow this year: I’m looking forward to growing my first ‘Black Russian’ tomatoes, I have some wonderful green tomatillo, achocha [...]

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