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Monthly Archive for January, 2013

Beetroot ‘Bulls Blood’ Some veg are just plumb ugly. It’s a mercy to dice knobbly, warty celeriac into anonymous chunks before it can offend your eyes even more than it has already. Parsnips are rather unlovely (especially when I grow them, when as I have mentioned before they bear an uncanny resemblance to the Ood: [...]

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Gardening, interrupted

I am a gardener without purpose. A gardener with no soil to till, no weeds to pull, no apple trees to prune. Even turning the compost – which I was halfway through before this confounded weather began – is beyond my powers at the moment. We have had around 15cm of snow, which froze to treacherous ice, [...]

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Baring all

Things have been getting very fruity around here. Last week a nice man arrived on my doorstep with five large cardboard boxes. They had exciting things written on them in big red letters, like ‘Fragile’, ‘This Way Up’, and ‘Live Plants’. I love it when this happens, especially when I know that inside those boxes [...]

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The winds of change

Things are afoot at the bottom of my garden. There are whispers of change in the air, and drawings on the table, and holes being dug. Winter is a time of renewal: of taking a good long look at what you’ve got and deciding if you like it or not. Usually the answer is that [...]

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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…

And so… farewell, then, Christmas. It’s Twelfth Night, so I hope you’re all busy removing every last hint of a bauble or tinsel lest bad luck should befall you for the rest of the year. Actually there’s a fair bit of confusion over when exactly Twelfth Night falls. Some – including the Church of England – have it [...]

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