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Monthly Archive for February, 2013

The winds of change #2

There is something very magical about seeing the design you’ve had in your head for the last two years materialise on solid ground. Regular readers will know I’ve been chuntering on for some time now about redesigning my vegetable patch from rather utilitarian straight lines and practical rows and making it into something altogether less sensible, [...]

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Potato trials 2013

Last year was rather bruising on the potato front. One by one I watched lusty beds of robust foliage falter and pucker before turning a bilious shade of brown and collapsing to the floor in a heap of slime. Those potatoes which survived the onslaught of late blight were a mere shadow of their normal [...]

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A load of rubbish

I’ve been releasing my inner hoarder. Actually there’s not much releasing involved, as it’s always spent a lot of time skulking around the edges of our home. The tottering heaps of takeaway containers, stacked and sorted just in case I might have a little flurry of soup-making. The shelf now bowing slightly under the weight of [...]

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