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Monthly Archive for March, 2013

A plum job

I always feel a bit of a fraud when I talk about my orchard. It’s only got four trees in it, you see. I felt even more of a fraud until about a week ago: at that point, it only had two trees in it, a quince and a medlar. Very lovely trees, but not what [...]

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The value of tradition

The trouble with growing your own veg is that it gives you high-falutin notions of your own ability to look after yourself. I blame Tom and Barbara Good (RIP Richard Briers, incidentally: you are much missed). People like me should never watch telly programmes like that. It gives you ideas. It makes you want to see if [...]

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Taking a punt

It is onion-planting time. I like onions. They’re nice, sturdy, reliable crops. You probably won’t get inspired to pen paeans of poetry over their prettiness; no cutting-edge trendsetter is going to get overexcited and start sprinkling them with superlatives. Their only spot in the limelight in recent memory – in fact the only time anyone’s ever [...]

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When you’re faced with stubbornly and relentlessly chilly weather like this at a time when you’re straining at the leash to get seeds into the ground and growing, there’s only one thing you can do: cheat. Actually, there are two things really. You can also be sensible, and patient, and wait for a month or so [...]

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