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Living on the edge

I have been thinking a lot about the edges of things lately. As m’learned colleague James recently demonstrated, when a word is short it has a disproportionately large amount of meanings. In this case… Edgy, as in Nick Cage. Cutting edge. The Edge of Glory (the fact that I know a Lady Gaga song is [...]

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So here it is, then. Hello, 2015! Actually it feels much like 2014, if I’m honest. Now, I like an excuse for a party as much as the next person, but if like me you’re in prosaic and/or post-Prosecco-overindulgence mood this morning you’ve probably already figured out it doesn’t make much sense to see 1st [...]

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Double your money

Right about now, I’m starting to think about pruning my autumn-fruiting raspberries. They’re good old ‘Autumn Bliss’, rock-solid reliable, heavy cropping and utterly delicious. They came into their own this year, their second in my garden: I confess not many made it as far as the kitchen, as I find a fresh raspberry irresistible, but [...]

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Talking a load of manure

Right, that’s it. I know what I said about green manures, but it was a load of old twaddle. Don’t believe a word of it. Sometimes, as a gardener, you just have to admit when something isn’t working. For many, many years I’ve been using green manures: usually to follow the new potatoes, as I [...]

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Potato trials 2014: The Verdict #2

My potatoey adventures proceed apace: and now it’s the turn of the maincrops. I grew only two maincrops this year, mainly because I haven’t yet got my third potato bed up and running (we eat so many potatoes I am seriously thinking of co-opting the chicken run for mass potato production). Both were recommended for [...]

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