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Potato trials 2014: The Verdict #2

My potatoey adventures proceed apace: and now it’s the turn of the maincrops. I grew only two maincrops this year, mainly because I haven’t yet got my third potato bed up and running (we eat so many potatoes I am seriously thinking of co-opting the chicken run for mass potato production). Both were recommended for [...]

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Potato trials 2014: The Verdict

Well. Who’d have thought it. The annual Crocus Kitchen Garden Potato Trials – that august institution by which potatoey reputations are won and lost – are five years old this year. For five years I have been diligently noting the performance, yields and flavour of about eight (well, on a good year: mostly around five) [...]

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Care in the community

Britain in Bloom finalists across the country are currently biting their nails to the quick waiting to hear the results, announced in Bristol tomorrow, of another year’s hard work on the nation’s roundabouts and road verges. So, you are no doubt asking, what? The trouble is, Bloom has a bit of an image problem. I [...]

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Big is beautiful

Look what I found in the pumpkin patch. Isn’t it the fattest, plumpest, most pumpkiny pumpkin you ever did see? You can probably guess I’m inordinately proud of it: I suspect it may even be the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever grown. I even measured it: 115cm – that’s nearly four feet – around the girth, [...]

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A whole mess of strawberries

Well here’s a pretty mess. This is my strawberry patch. As you can see, it’s become a little enthusiastic of late. In fact it may not be too much of an exaggeration to say it’s run amok, thrown off the veneer of respectability and is having a riotous party hovering somewhere between anarchy and abject [...]

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