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Care in the community

Britain in Bloom finalists across the country are currently biting their nails to the quick waiting to hear the results, announced in Bristol tomorrow, of another year’s hard work on the nation’s roundabouts and road verges. So, you are no doubt asking, what? The trouble is, Bloom has a bit of an image problem. I [...]

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Life in the sloe lane

Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but if you really can’t be bothered with all that seed-sowing and weeding and tying in and composting you don’t have to do much gardening to get a free supply of food. Let the brambles grow and you’ll get blackberries by the basketful, and for nothing. And hasn’t [...]

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Like most people of a certain age, the whole self-sufficiency thing drifted into my consciousness via two main routes: Tom and Barbara Goode, and John Seymour. What they didn’t tell you back then is that the reality isn’t much like either. I think I probably knew the first time I read the detailed description in [...]

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A nice cup of tea

Right at the back of my veg garden I have a little triangular corner in the shade, where not a lot else would grow. All through the spring has been unfurling a colony of large, slightly sandpapery leaves. They’re not edible. They don’t flower. I suppose the roots are quite interesting: you can grate them [...]

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Floral gastronomy

I used to be a bit sceptical about all this new-fangled fashion for eating flowers. All a bit Guardianista, I thought. Looks nice and all that, but what about the flavour? Well. Then I ate a rosemary flower. And found out about the flavour, and why people who eat flowers tend to eat rather a [...]

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