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A nice cup of tea

Right at the back of my veg garden I have a little triangular corner in the shade, where not a lot else would grow. All through the spring has been unfurling a colony of large, slightly sandpapery leaves. They’re not edible. They don’t flower. I suppose the roots are quite interesting: you can grate them [...]

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Floral gastronomy

I used to be a bit sceptical about all this new-fangled fashion for eating flowers. All a bit Guardianista, I thought. Looks nice and all that, but what about the flavour? Well. Then I ate a rosemary flower. And found out about the flavour, and why people who eat flowers tend to eat rather a [...]

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Apres le deluge

Splosh, splosh, splosh gurgle gurgle drip drip drip drip When they come to play the soundtrack of this winter, it will be definitely a bit sloshy. There will be a spine-chilling, howling base line and the odd heart-stopping ripping crashing percussion as trees fall over, their roots fatally loosened in the dissolving soil. So this [...]

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I’ve been looking at the moon just lately. Usually you only really notice the moon when it’s full, and it’s a clear night, and as your silhouette lengthens on the path before you and you put the torch back in your pocket it occurs to you that the hippies may have been right after all, and there really is [...]

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Playing a waiting game

Tum-ti tum-ti tum… …. Lalalalalaaaaa…. **yaaaaaawn** Wonder if my thumbs will drop off if I twiddle them the other way? Hmm… The post-Christmas slump is upon us. The Bermuda Triangle of veg growing, when nothing is happening, it’s too early to sow seeds, and even if it weren’t the weather is so horrible you’d drown or freeze [...]

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