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Floral gastronomy

I used to be a bit sceptical about all this new-fangled fashion for eating flowers. All a bit Guardianista, I thought. Looks nice and all that, but what about the flavour? Well. Then I ate a rosemary flower. And found out about the flavour, and why people who eat flowers tend to eat rather a [...]

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A Kitchen Garden Herball: Sorrel

If there was ever a herb almost pathologically obsessed with pretending not to be even a little bit interesting, it’s sorrel. It’s plug ugly, for one thing, especially the common version (Rumex acetosa). Even the French sorrel (R. scutatus) is a plain thing, the sort of plant you’d mistake for its close relative, dock, and [...]

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Pick of the month: April

Brassica flowers Edible flowers are the it girls of the vegetable world. It seems these days all the best-dressed salads sport a confetti of marigolds and cornflowers. The humblest cake sale can rustle up a lavender cookie or two, and if you’re lucky a cupcake studded with frosted violets. Heck, there’s even a wildly successful commercial edible flower farm, not far [...]

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Beetroot ‘Bulls Blood’ Some veg are just plumb ugly. It’s a mercy to dice knobbly, warty celeriac into anonymous chunks before it can offend your eyes even more than it has already. Parsnips are rather unlovely (especially when I grow them, when as I have mentioned before they bear an uncanny resemblance to the Ood: [...]

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Self sufficient (ish)

This is my salad self-sufficiency kit. It has now provided me with baby-leaf salads of one sort or another since about April. That’s over six months since my last bag of supermarket salads. And do you need acres of space for this miraculous ability to feed yourself without recourse to shops and ridiculously high prices [...]

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