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A pocket full of posies

On the whole, I’m a pretty rugged sort of person. A disproportionate amount of my gardening time seems to be spent hammering scaffold boards together, or powering my way through waist high weeds at the business end of a petrol strimmer, or hauling improbably deep tree roots out of pits in the ground. But the [...]

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As seen at Chelsea: Good ideas

As the bulldozers rumble in and we leave Chelsea for another year (pause for a muffled sob into my hanky): a gallop around some of the many, many little flashes of inspiration I spotted this year. There’s always something that gives you that ‘ooh-must-try-that’ feeling; and of course particularly perfect demonstrations of some technique I’ve [...]

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Made in America

One of our more endearing habits as a nation, I always think, is our liking for small, seemingly random museums. Places like the British Dental Association’s museum in Wimpole Street, London, home to a collection of 19th century dental floss. Or the London Sewing Machine Museum, in Balham, where you can marvel at the sewing [...]

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Parsley ‘Moss Curled’ I have a cherished list of kitchen garden favourites you just can’t keep down. They’re the ones you’re still picking three months after you sowed the seed: the ones you secretly get a bit bored of since you can just feast on it every day if you want to and still it comes [...]

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Hasta la ristra

You can dry all sorts of surplus veg from the garden. In fact I’d go so far as to say almost anything. That’s how they make vegetable crisps, you know. Beetroot are, they say, particularly good, though don’t bother with parsnips – it’s like eating bits of bark mulch. Courgettes are brilliant, too: slice, blanch [...]

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