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A Kitchen Garden Herball: Tarragon

Before we start here, let’s get one thing straight: Russian and French are not at all the same. Russian: punchy, rough around the edges, rather coarse and lamentably short on taste. But as tough as a Siberian bear, shouldering its way through snow, ice and hail with a derisive toss of a leaf. French: effortlessly stylish, chic, subtle, with a way of making [...]

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A Kitchen Garden Herball: Sorrel

If there was ever a herb almost pathologically obsessed with pretending not to be even a little bit interesting, it’s sorrel. It’s plug ugly, for one thing, especially the common version (Rumex acetosa). Even the French sorrel (R. scutatus) is a plain thing, the sort of plant you’d mistake for its close relative, dock, and [...]

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A Kitchen Garden Herball: Sage

For years, I’d thought the reason sage was called sage was something to do with wisdom. You know: sagacity, sagesse to the French, the wise old sage, Sage the Owl in The Herbs(1). As it turns out, mildly disappointingly, wisdom (or rather, the lack of it) is about the only thing it can’t cure. Cuts [...]

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